Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

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How Directors, Officers, and Corporations Benefit From D&O Insurance

Directors and officers insurance provides protection for insured directors and officers as well as the corporate entity itself. The corporation is protected because D&O insurance covers corporate indemnification and expense advances. The directors and officers are protected by the insurance coverage when a corporation is unwilling or unable to indemnify directors and officers.

Besides liability protection for directors, officers, and the corporation, D&O insurance may be useful on many other levels. For example:

What Is Covered by D&O Insurance?

Here are several things that may be covered by D&O Insurance:

What Is Not Usually Include in the Insurance Coverage?

D&O insurance coverage is a complex matter and may have various exclusions, such as:

However, note that even as to covered conditions, insurance companies may assert a defense when a controversy actually arises.

Seeking an Attorney’s Help

Issues involving D&O insurance can be highly complex. A qualified business attorney can help you obtain D&O insurance and analyze specific claims that fall within the coverage.

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