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Is Small Business Insurance Required?

Small business insurance is not required in most cases, but it's always a good idea to purchase insurance to cover your assets since small business owners are generally taking a lot of risk and could loose everything if they are sued by someone.

If My Small Business Is a Corporation or Limited Liability Company Do I Need Insurance?

While having your small business in the form of a corporation or limited liability may save you from general liability, it does not save you from personal liability. As most small business have under five employees, an employee (or owner) of a small company is far more likely to be personally liable when things go wrong than in a big corporation.

What Are the Most Common Types of Small Business Insurance?

The two most common types of small business insurance are liability insurance and property insurance:

Do I Need Insurance if I Have Employees?

If you are an employer, you will be subject to a number of additional insurance requirements. Most businesses with employees must pay for workers' compensation insurance, unemployment insurance and state disability insurance.

Should I Contact a Lawyer Regarding My Small Business Insurance Issues?

It is always a practical idea to have a lawyer review all parts of your small business operation, especially when you are starting up a company. Particularly if you are going into a "service industry" you will want to have a business lawyer review potential insurance coverage. It may save you in the long run.

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