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Most Common Family Law Issues:

I Feel My Family or I May be in Danger if my Spouse Finds out I'm Filing for Divorce. What Can I do to Protect Us? 

If you feel as though you or your family may be in danger from an angry spouse, there are many ways to get help: 

What Kinds of Temporary Orders Can I Get? How Long Will it Take?

There are several kinds of temporary orders that you can get. Because you may be in a crisis situation or are trying to avoid one, your requests will be put on a fast track, and usually heard within days or a week. The temporary orders you can ask for include: 

Can I or Should I Close Joint Bank Accounts and Credit Cards?

You should not close joint bank accounts or credit cards. Doing so may cause you problems down the road, since your spouse may try to later accuse you of theft or fraud. Instead, just withdraw as much money as you think you may need for the coming problems, plus extra for emergencies.

Can I Be Accused of Kidnapping if I Take My Children Away from the Home?

Taking your children away from a crisis situation is not kidnapping. However, it is in your best interest in the short and long term to avoid any problems by asking the court for a temporary child custody order. You can get this quickly, within a week or so, and will establish your right to have the children.

How Long Do Temporary Court Orders Last?

Temporary court orders are generally valid until the court holds another hearing, or until the two spouses work out their own agreement, either on their own or through mediations or negotiations.

Do I Need an Attorney to Get Quick Help?

A family law attorney can help you seek all the legal protection available to you. Hiring a family law attorney can make filing the necessary paperwork for TROs easier and make the overall experience less stressful.

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