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What Are a Victim's Rights in a Criminal Case?

Most people know that the accused in a criminal case has many rights, like the right to an attorney and the right not to make any incriminating statements. However, many people may be unclear regarding the victim’s rights in a criminal case. The victim in any criminal case is also afforded a number rights and protections.  

These may vary by state, but the rights of crime victims generally include:

Thus, many of the rights provided to victims in a criminal case have to do with the victim’s continued safety and protection. For example, the right to be informed of the defendant’s parole eligibility is important, as it allows the victim to be notified if the defendant might be present again in the same community.

Some states also maintain victim’s compensation funds, which grant the victim some financial assistance for resources such as counseling.

What Are the Victim’s Rights after the Offender Is Released?

The victim in a criminal case may also have various rights after the offender has been released from prison or jail. These can include:

In many instances, the defendant may be required to register with a criminal database, such as a sex offender registry. The defendant may need to provide important information, such as their living address after release from prison. Thus, the victim will also have the right to be informed of such information through online database registries. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Victim’s Rights in a Criminal Case?

The rights of the victim in a criminal case may vary by state, and according to the nature of the criminal case. If you have any questions or need advice regarding your rights in a criminal case, you should speak with a criminal lawyer immediately. An experienced criminal attorney can help explain your rights according to the specific laws in your area. This can help you avoid any errors or oversights that may result from not knowing which rights you’re entitled to.

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