Recreation Accidents and Injuries

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What Are Recreation Accidents and Injuries?

“Recreation activities” are loosely defined as those activities that people engage in for leisure, usually during their free time or vacation. These can include activities such as snowboarding, hiking, dirt bike riding, camping, and hunting. They also include a number of organized sports activities, such as baseball, football, and golf. Thus, the term “recreation” is generally associated with more casual activities that are done simply to pass time or as a hobby.

Although many recreation activities are non-aggressive, some of them can be moderately intense and may contain some competitive aspects. As a result, injuries from recreation activities can often occur. These may result simply from the nature of the activity, especially more fast-paced sports, or as a result of some form of negligence. Injuries can range from very mild to severe, depending on the situation.

What Are Some Common Recreation Accidents or Injuries?

Some common recreation accidents and injuries include:

Since the term “recreation” covers a broad range of activities, it also follows that there can be a wide range of injuries resulting from participating in recreational activities beyond the aforementioned injuries. More serious cases involve broken bones, fractures, and other similar injuries.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Recreation Accident?

Most recreation accidents are based on some form of negligence. This is where a person or party fails to exercise the amount of care that is reasonably due to another person in that situation. This will vary depending on the situation. Some parties that can be held liable include:

Note that many recreation programs are run by the city or county. In such cases, sorting out liability may be difficult. Also, many such programs require the person to sign a liability waiver. Most lawsuits for injuries may result in damages for costs of medical treatment and other related expenses.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Help with a Recreation Accident or Injury?

Recreation accidents can often involve serious injuries. These can require medical treatment and they may cause losses such as lost wages and other issues. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer in your area if you need help with a recreation injury case. Your attorney can help research the laws in your area so you understand your rights regarding legal recovery. Also your lawyer can represent you during trial and court proceedings.

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