Child support is the amount of money paid by one parent to another for the benefit of the child. The money is intended to pay for the child’s expenses, such as food, medical care, and education. Non-custodial parents are required by law to provide this financial support to the child.

What If I Do Not Want to Pay or Receive Child Support?

As mentioned above, non-custodial parents are legally obligated to pay child support even if they do not want to. Also, custodial parents are obligated to accept child support payments. However, there are certain situations in which the court will permit parents to avoid the issue of child support. One such situation involves a reservation of child support.

What Is a Reservation of Child Support?

To reserve child support means the court agrees not to make decisions on child support at that time. The issue can be revisited later, perhaps when the custody arrangement becomes more settled.

When Does the Reservation of Child Support End?

The reservation of child support usually ends when either party comes before court to request a decision on the issue.

Can I Choose to Receive Something Else in Lieu of Child Support?

A custodial parent not wanting to receive child support may choose to receive financial support in another manner. For example, the custodial parent can receive:

  • A larger portion of marital assets
  • A smaller portion of marital debts
  • More spousal support

It is important to speak to an attorney before deciding on whether or not to take another form of support instead of child support.

Do I Need an Attorney to Help Me Get a Reservation of Child Support?

Determining whether to request a reservation of child support is a very important decision that can seriously impact your rights as a parent. If you need help figuring out if a reservation of child support is right for you, contact a child support attorney. The attorney will help you decide whether to get a reservation of child support and assist you in requesting such a reservation in a manner that will prevent you from losing any rights when deciding child support.