Child support application disputes can arise for various reasons. A child support application, or "request for child support," may be submitted to the court during a divorce, legal separation, or independent of any proceeding. Such applications require much cooperation and communication between the parents involved. As such, they can become the subject of legal disputes and contentions.

It is usually better for the parents to work out their differences through the court system rather than attempting to achieve an informal agreement. Formal child support orders issued by the court are enforceable by law. Without a formal child support application, a parent may have difficulties securing child support if the other parent is withholding child support.

What is Contained in a Child Support Application?

A child support application usually requires information regarding both parents. For instance, the application may require:

  • The parents’ basic information, such as their names, contact information, etc.
  • Income and current monetary status of each parent
  • Employment information of the paying parent
  • Various needs and special considerations for each child involved
  • Information related to previous child support arrangements

In some cases, child support orders can be modified after they have been issued by the court. For instance, if one of the parents changes jobs, it may require an adjustment in the support order. Child support modifications generally require a separate application in order to obtain one.

What if I Have a Dispute Over a Child Support Application?

Disputes can arise over child support applications, especially when it comes to the amount being requested. Conflicts or disagreements must also be resolved through the court, which may involve a further analysis of the different child support factors.

A common dispute is where the paying parent doesn’t declare all of their assets or bank account amounts, in attempts to reach a lower monthly child support payment. This is highly discouraged as it can lead to various legal penalties. When calculating child support amounts, both parties need to fully disclose all information, and should report any instances of fraud or deception to an attorney.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Assistance with Child Support Application Disputes?

Applying for child support can sometimes involve very complex legal determinations. You may wish to hire a child support lawyer if you need help filing for child support in your state. An attorney can provide you with the legal advice and guidance that is needed during the process. Also, in the event of a dispute or conflict, your attorney can represent you in court as well.