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What Is Real Property Management?

Real property management, also known as property maintenance, refers to the overall upkeep of a land or property. It includes making specific repairs, cleaning, and cosmetic changes. The people responsible for the upkeep and maintenance can include:

What Is Business Property Management?

Business property management involves the supervision, operation, and control of many properties such as:

Overseeing and controlling business property may include personal property located in the business such as:

What Are the Duties of a Property Management Company?

The property management company works directly with tenants and other companies connected to the property. They advertise the availability of space available for leasing or rent and:

Can a Property Owner Be Sued If Someone Is Injured on Their Property?

Premises liability is holds the property owner responsible for some types of injuries suffered by visitors while on the property. This legal theory is based on negligence where the property owner has a duty to correct any problems with the property itself, take precautions to keep visitors safe, and warn people on the property of any defects.

Are There Any Defenses to Premises Liability?

An owner or manager of property may have a viable defense to a premises liability action such as:

Should I Contact an Attorney about Property Management?

Yes, you should contact a real estate attorney about property management. You will want to know your rights and responsibilities regarding property ownership.

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