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What Is a Net Lease?

A net lease is a lease where the tenant has primary control of the premises and agrees to be responsible for some or all of the operating expenses of the premises, such as utilities, repairs, insurance, or taxes. A tenant who has a net lease is responsible for paying the monthly lump sum base rent as well as some or all of the operating expenses. 

Types of Net Leases

Net leases define the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant differently. The following are types of net leases:

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney before Signing My Commercial Lease?

Commercial leases are very complex agreements with every provision open for negotiation. A real estate attorney will be able to inform you of whether a gross lease, a net lease, or some type of hybrid is best for your business needs. A real estate attorney will also protect your interests when negotiating your commercial lease to ensure that the lease is the best lease possible for your business needs.

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