An arrest warrant is an order signed by a judge authorizing police to apprehend an individual. With a typical arrest warrant, a district attorney seeks the order to aid the police in arresting a suspect. However, a Ramey Warrant is requested by police, not the prosecutor.

What is the Purpose of a Ramey Warrant?

The purpose of the warrant is to hold and interview the suspect to gather evidence.

What Information Does a Ramey Warrant Have to Contain?

The warrant is about three to four pages and includes the following:

  • Name of the suspect
  • Suspect’s address
  • Suspect’s physical description
  • Statement of probable cause—including names of victims
  • Description of the alleged crime
  • Bail amount for suspect

Will I be Charged with a Crime Before the Warrant is Issued?

No. The warrant is issued prior to filing any criminal charges against the suspect.

How Long Will I Be Detained?

The warrant allows police to hold a suspect for 48 hours to complete the interview and hand over any evidence to prosecutors.

Is a Ramey Warrant the same as an Outstanding Warrant?

No. The warrant remains valid for 90 days after it’s issued. An outstanding warrant remains in effect until the suspect is apprehended.

Do Prosecutors have a Specific Time to Charge Me with a Crime?

Yes. Prosecutors have 48 hours after the arrest and booking to file formal criminal charges. If no charges are filed the suspect must be release from custody.

Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Assist Me with a Ramey Warrant?

Yes. If you are apprehended using this warrant, contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. The lawyer will represent you while you’re detained.