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Gang Violence Lawyers

A violent crime is any crime that threatens to or actually inflicts physical harm on another individual. In some situations, it also involves committing violence to intentionally achieve another crime such as robbery.

What Is a Gang?

A gang is an organized group of individuals with a common objective and who share a certain identity. These organized group of people typically identify themselves by a specific sign or name.

What Is Gang Violence?

Gang violence refers to criminal and non-criminal acts of violence committed by a group of individuals in a gang who continuously engage in crimes against people.

Does the Criminal Activity Always Occur against Innocent People?

No. Gang violence also includes altercations between two or more gangs. Multiple gangs frequently engage in violent acts against one another in struggles over territory and racketeering ventures.

What Types of Crimes Are Included in Gang Violence?

Violent crimes that are considered gang violence include:

Should I Contact an Attorney If I Have Been Accused of Gang Violence?

Yes, you should contact a criminal defense attorney if you have been accused of a gang violence crime. An attorney will explain the laws and determine which defenses are available to you.

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