Power Line Injury Laws

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Power Line Injury Laws

Power lines are built by public ulilities and carry electricity to customers. Because they carry high voltage electricity, they can be very dangerous if people come in contact with them.

Can I Sue a Public Utility If I Have Been Injured by Power Lines?

To sue a public utility successfully, you must show the utility was negligent. This means the utility must have acted unreasonably in some way and caused your injury

How do I Determine if the Utility was Negligent?

Many factors help determine if the utility was acting unreasonably.  These include:

If you injury was a result of these factors, you may be able to show negligence.

What If the Danger Is Created by a Third Person or an Act of God?

If a person or a disaster causes power lines to become dangerous, the public utility may still be liable. If the utility had knowledge of the dangerous situation, but did not repair it, that could be negligence. For example, if a windstorm knocks down power lines and the utility knows this and allows the lines to remain exposed, it is negligent. 

Does Anything Limit the Utility's Liability?

The utility may not be liable for damages if you voluntarily come in contact with the wires or if you act unreasonably around the wires and cause injury to yourself.

Should I Contact a Lawyer About My Injury?

Civil lawsuits are very complicated. A personal injury lawyer can help determine your chance of success in proving negligence and help you preserve your legal rights and remedies.

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