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What Is a Nondisclosure Agreement?

A nondisclosure agreement is an agreement between you and someone who may be interested in your invention. By signing a nondisclosure agreement, the other person agrees to not steal or disclose information about your invention.

Why Would I Want to Use a Nondisclosure Agreement?

If you want to pitch an invention to a potential manufacturer or distributor, you want to ensure that they won't steal your idea. One way to protect your invention is by using a nondisclosure agreement. A nondisclosure agreement can offer you protection if your invention isn't eligible for patent pending status, or if you don't want to go through the patent process.

What Should I Include in My Nondisclosure Agreement?

Your nondisclosure agreement should include:

What Happens if Someone Violates My Nondisclosure Agreement?

If someone violates your nondisclosure agreement and uses your confidential information, you can sue for damages.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me with My Nondisclosure Agreement Issues?

If you are considering entering into a nondisclosure agreement, or if someone has breached your nondisclosure agreement, you may want to consider contacting a patent lawyer. An experienced patent lawyer can help you draft an agreement that satisfies your confidentiality needs and can represent you in court if a dispute arises.

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