Patent Infringement Defenses

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I May Have Infringed upon Someone's Patent, are There Any Defenses Available to Me?

There are a number of defenses that you can raise to prove your innocence. Even if you seem to have infringed, there are a number of situations in which you will not be found guilty. The best ways to excuse yourself from patent infringement are to either claim that the patent is unenforceable or to claim that your infringement is permitted under patent law.

When are Patents Unenforceable?

Some of the common situations where patents are unenforceable are:

When is Infringement Permitted under Patent Law?

Some of the common situations where infringement is permitted under patent law are:

Should I Consult a Patent Lawyer about Possible Defenses to Infringement?

If you are accused of patent infringement, an experienced patent lawyer can clarify the complicated patent system and let you know what defenses are available to you.

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