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What Is Utility?

Utility is one of the standards an invention must meet to be eligible for a patent. An invention is said to have utility if it is capable of producing some kind of specific functional benefit. The benefit does not have to be very great or even socially beneficial. As long as the invention achieves some end, it will meet the utility requirement.

What Are the Types of Utility?

There are several kinds of utilities that could be achieved by a patented product:

Does My Invention Have to Work Better than Others of its Kind?

An invention does not have to work better than other products on the market. It does not even have to work safely. It just has to work. As long as your invention is capable of doing what it's supposed to do, it will meet the utility requirement.

The primary requirement for an invention is that the utility of the patented product must be beneficial and useful to society and it must be capable of achieving those results. The utility must be specific to the subject matter claimed and have a defined real world use.

What Are Some Limits on Utility?

Although the utility requirement is fairly modest, there are certain limits its scope:

Do I Need a Patent Attorney?

If you are considering patenting an invention and are concerned about the utility requirement, you should contact an intellectual property lawyer to help you through the patent process. A patent attorney can help you navigate through the tricky waters of patent law.

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