Passenger Liability In Automobile Accidents

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Passenger Liability In Automobile Accidents

Although most personal injury lawsuits arising from automobile accidents are typically brought against the operator of the vehicle, there are instances where the accident is caused by the passenger and they are sued for all injuries. In actions to recover from a passenger in a motor vehicle for personal injury or death caused by the passenger's negligence, the injured party has to prove the traditional elements found in all negligence cases: duty, breach, causation, and damages.

What Actions Can Make a Passenger Liable?

Where a person injured in a motor vehicle accident seeks to hold a passenger in one of the involved vehicles liable for the injury, there are a number of approaches, including:

Do I Need an Attorney?

A personal injury attorney will know the laws governing passenger liability and help you file a lawsuit.  You may also wish to retain an attorney if your passenger is suing you and you believe that he is responsible for the injury or there is an automobile guest statute prohibiting him from suing you as the driver.

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