Non-hormonal birth control refers to any type of contraceptive device or product that does not involve the altering of the user’s hormone levels. Some birth control methods involve pills or injections that change the body’s hormone profile, making it more difficult for conception to occur. Non-hormonal birth control doesn’t do this; instead, these types of methods often involve some sort of physical barrier that is put into place in order to prevent conception from happening.

Non-Hormonal Birth Control Products

Some common examples of non-hormonal birth control devices include:

  • Male and female version condoms
  • Diaphragms
  • Contraceptive sponges
  • Cervical caps
  • Intrauterine devices (IUD’s) such as Mirena

There may be various other types of non-hormonal birth control products available for users. Many of these are available as over-the-counter products. Some of these, such as non-hormonal IUD’s, may require the prescription and assistance of a medical professional.

Common Injuries Associated with Non-Hormonal Birth Control

While non-hormonal methods are generally less dangerous than hormonal birth control methods, they are still associated with some side effects and injuries. These include:

  • Topical skin reactions
  • Heavier or more intense menstrual and pre-menstrual symptoms
  • Internal infections
  • More serious injuries such as infertility or birth defects
  • A number of possible injuries resulting from defective products

Infection or negative reaction is especially of concern with intrauterine devices, which are often left inside the user’s body for extended periods of time.

Are There Any Remedies for Non-Hormonal Birth Control Injuries?

Injuries resulting from non-hormonal birth control may often require a lawsuit. These can result in a monetary damages award for the injured party. Legal recovery is often based on either products liability for a defective product. They can also involve medical malpractice for negligent prescription or negligent handling of a patient’s body. In some cases, false or fraudulent advertising has also been a cause of injury to the consumer.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Birth control injuries can sometimes be very serious. You may wish to hire a personal injury lawyer if you need help filing a lawsuit. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and can help explain how the laws in your area might be affecting your case. Also, if you need to appear in court, your lawyer will be on hand to represent you in the upcoming process.