Heater burn injuries may result from coming into contact with the hot surfaces or parts of a heater. This can happen in many different situations, and may lead to very severe burn injuries or other types of injuries. Some situations where heater burn injuries can happen may include:

  • At home when changing a heater or when dealing with a defective heating system
  • At work or at the workplace
  • In commercial or industrial areas where heaters are used
  • In a small enclosed space where a space heater (small heating system) is being used
  • In various manufacturing and production settings

In some cases, heater burn injuries may lead to a lawsuit or a class action suit, especially where many persons have been injured by a defective product.

Who can be Held Liable for a Heater Burn Injury?

Most heater burn cases are based a negligence theory of law. Negligence occurs when a person breaches their duty that is owed to another person in such a way that causes the person injury or financial losses. Parties that may be held liable for a heater burn may include:

  • Manufacturers who have produced a defective heater product
  • Retailers who sell products that have been recalled
  • Employers or supervisors who have acted negligently (in which case, a workers compensation claim may be necessary)
  • Home owners or landlords

Are There Any Legal Remedies for Heater Burn Injury Cases?

Legal remedies for heater burn injuries usually include a damages award to cover medical costs and other expenses. In the event of a class action lawsuit, the damages may be issued to a large group of consumers who have been affected by a defective product.

Other remedies may include a product recall or a change of manufacturing practices for the responsible parties.

Do I Need a Lawyer for help with Heater Burn Injuries?

Recovering damages for heater burn injuries can sometimes be a complex task. You may have to deal with various state or federal laws, and will need to present evidence in your favor. It is in your best interests to hire a qualified personal injury lawyer if you need help filing a lawsuit due to a burn injury. Your attorney can inform you of your rights and provide you with representation during the court hearings.