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What Is Murder?

People who exhibit an intent to kill frequently exhibit this intent through either murder or attempted murder. The crime of murder is defined as homicide done with malice. Homicide is the killing of a human being. The homicide becomes murder when the person accused of killing the human being does so with premeditation and deliberation.

How Is Attempted Murder Defined in Nevada?

Attempted murder is simply the attempt to take the life of a human being done with:

The substantial step does not have to involve causing the victim to actually suffer physical harm.

How Is Battery Defined in Nevada?

Battery is the willful, intentional, and unlawful use of force or violence against a victim.

What Is Battery with Intent to Kill in Nevada?

This crime is the willful, intentional, and unlawful use of violence or force against a victim done with the intent to kill them. In other words, the perpetrator intends to murder the victim and physically harms them in order to accomplish this goal.

Are Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm and Battery with Intent to Kill the Same Crime?

No. Battery with substantial bodily harm is the willful, intentional, and unlawful harmful contact against a victim. The harmful contact causes substantial bodily injury such as:

The actual intent of the perpetrator in causing substantial harm to the victim does not factor into whether they are guilty of committing the crime. Battery with intent to kill is the act of causing harmful contact to the victim without their permission with the specific intent to commit homicide with malice.

What Is the Penalty for Battery with the Intent to Kill a Victim in Nevada?

In Nevada, battery with intent to kill is a category B felony. A person convicted under this felony category faces:

Do I Need to Talk to an Attorney?

Being accused of intending to kill someone is difficult to defend yourself against, especially when you are also being accused of committing a battery. Thus, it is imperative to hire a Nevada attorney to assist you with your case.

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