Nevada has a stalking law that outlaws the malicious or willful engagement in course of conduct that would cause someone to reasonable fear be harmed, terrorized, frightened, or intimated. This means a person intentionally causes a victim to fear they will be terrorized, harmed, intimated, or frightened by a person behavior. The behavior may range from constantly calling the victim on the phone or following them. A person convicted of stalking faces six months in jail for a first offense, as it is a misdemeanor. Subsequent stalking convictions are gross misdemeanors, which can be punished by to up to a year in jail.

What Is Aggravated Stalking in Nevada?

Stalking involves placing a victim in a position of feeling harassed or scared as a result of one’s course of conduct. Aggravated stalking is stalking and threatening a victim with the intent to cause them to fear substantial harm or death.

Must I Make a Death Threat to the Alleged Victim to Be Charged with Aggravated Stalking?

No. A person accused of aggravated stalking does not have to make overt death threats to be charged with a crime. Instead, victim can be put in a position of fear by the perpetrator engaging in other intimidating behavior such as displaying a weapon to a victim.

What Is the Punishment for Aggravated Stalking in Nevada?

Aggravated stalking is a category B felony punishable by:

  • Two to 15 years in prison
  • $5,000 fine
  • Both fine and prion time

Can I Receive Probation for an Aggravated Stalking Conviction Instead of Prison Time?

It may be possible to get probation instead of prison time. A judge may decide to suspend the person’s prison sentence and make them serve their sentence in the form of probation instead. However, if the person has already received two other felony convictions and is labeled as a habitual felon by the sate, then they will not be eligible for probation.

Should I Get a Lawyer to Defend Me Against Stalking Accusations?

An accusation of aggravated stalking is a serious offense that you will likely need legal assistance to overcome. Contact a Nevada lawyer about the best way to resolve this criminal charge.