In Nevada, stalking is a misdemeanor that involves willfully and maliciously engaging in a course of conduct that causes the victim of the conduct to feel in fear. The course of conduct are considered actions that harass, intimidate, terrorize, or frighten the victim. The fear they feel may include fear for their safety, their family members’ safety, or property damage.

What Is Internet Stalking?

Internet stalking, also known as cyber stalking, is harassing, threatening, or annoying a victim via the Internet or social media. The stalking is done to cause the victim or inflict some kind of injury on the victim, their family, or property.

How Does Nevada Define Internet Stalking?

In Nevada, Internet stalking is using the following to communicate, distribute, display, or publish information to terrorize or harm a victim via:

  • Electronic mail (e-mail)
  • Networking site
  • Internet
  • Text message

The person accused of Internet stalking must cause a substantially increased risk of harm or injury to the victim.

Are Internet Stalking and Aggravated Stalking the Same Crime in Nevada?

They are separate crimes with two key differences. First, internet stalking solely occurs in cyber space. Aggravated stalking usually takes place offline, although it may involve online activity. The other thing that makes the two crimes different is that aggravated staking always involves a threat to cause substantial injury or death to the victim.

What Is the Punishment for Internet Stalking in Nevada?

The crime is a category C felony. The punishment for this category of felony is:

  • One to five years in prison
  • $10,000 fine
  • Fine and prison time

Can I Be Sentenced to Probation Instead of Prison Time for Cyber Stalking?

In Nevada, a sentencing judge has the option to suspend the prison time and sentence the defendant to probation instead. However, it may be difficult to persuade a judge to grant probation in lieu of a prison sentence if the defendant has been convicted of stalking or another crime in the past.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Defend Me?

Legal representation is very important to have whenever you are facing a felony charge. Contact a Nevada lawyer immediately to find out more about your defenses and legal rights.