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How Does Nevada Define Murder?

In Nevada, murder is defined as the unlawful killing of a human being done with either expressed or implied malice. It is also committed when a person gives, sells, or trades a controlled substance that causes someone to die. Malice is the intent to take someone’s life. Examples of malice include lying in wait to harm someone, killing to avoid lawful custody, and poisoning. Nevada has three general punishments for murder in the first degree. They are:

However, the death penalty is also an option for first degree murder under aggravating circumstances.

What Is an Aggravated Circumstance?

An aggravated circumstance is a heinous and shocking thing done by the person that warrants a harsher punishment.

What Are Examples of an Aggravating Circumstance in Nevada?

In Nevada, aggravated circumstances that may cause a person to get the death penalty include:

Do I Need Help with My First Degree Murder Charge in Nevada?

If you are facing an aggravated first degree murder charge, you need to contact a Nevada attorney. Your attorney will fight to help you avoid the death penalty.

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