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What Is a Car Warranty?

A car warranty is a kind of legal promise to remedy problems with a recently purchased car. These laws are meant to protect the consumer in the case of buying a car that doesn’t work or breaks shortly after purchase. There are several different kinds of warranties. Express warranties can be in writing or can be oral, but they are direct promises to fix problems with the car if it malfunctions after it is purchased.

How is the Warranty Created?

Because express warranties can be delivered orally, they can be created through commercials in which a specific feature of the car is advertised. False advertising on the part of a car manufacturer or seller can be a breach of an express warranty and create a liability issue.

Implied warranties are created and enforced as a matter of law. Unless an automobile is explicitly sold “as is,” the lemon law and other similar laws protect the consumer from the possibility of buying a completely deficient car.

Warranty deeds ensure that the buyer is protected with the purchase of a new car. New cars are ensured by these kinds of warranties, which protect cars that are up to three years old or has travelled less than around 35000 miles, or whichever comes first. Cars that are being sold as a used car, but are less than 3 years old, are still covered by implied warranty.

Implied warranties come in two kinds: the implied warranty of merchantability and the implied warranty of fitness. The implied warranty of merchantability is meant to protect a consumer from a car that simply doesn’t work. It protects the consumer’s expectation that the car will work as advertised, is in appropriate condition for the cost as compared to its condition, and that it will function as a form of safe transportation.

If a car is supposed to fulfill a specific function, such as haul cargo or drive on snow, and it is being advertised and is built to fulfil these functions, the implied warranty of fitness protects the consumer from a product that can’t perform.

What Happens If the Warranty is Breached?

If the warranty is breached, the consumer has a legal right to recover what the warranty originally promised.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you have purchased an automobile that malfunctioned, you should speak to a business lawyer immediately to see if any legal avenues are available to you that can help you recoup your losses.

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