Only recently have LGBT individuals in New Hampshire gained the same protection as non-LGBT persons. These protections and rights include the following:

1) Same-Sex Activity

New Hampshire has repealed its sodomy law. As a result, same-sex partners are allowed to engage in consensual sexual activity.

Also, New Hampshire’s statutory rape law protects all people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity. The age of consent is 16 years of age.

2) Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships

Same-sex couples are allowed to marry in New Hampshire.

3) Adoption and Parenting

Regardless of sexual orientation, New Hampshire allows all individuals to adopt. Furthermore, they allow for artificial insemination, and surrogacy amongst couples in marriages or civil unions.

4) Discrimination Protection

New Hampshire is the only state that bans discrimination based upon only sexual orientation. New Hampshire does not afford protection for discrimination based upon sexual identity. Hence, LGBT persons only have discrimination protection against sexual orientation for the fields of accommodations, housing, and employments.

New Hampshire have hate crime law against sexual orientation only. There are no laws against hate crimes based on sexual identity.

5) Sex-Reassignment Surgery

For transgender individuals who have undergone reassignment surgery, New Hampshire will issue them new birth certificates reflecting their new sexual identity.

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