Even though divorce is common in our society, people often rely on their lawyers to educate them on the whole divorce process.  There is nothing wrong with this, since lawyers are supposed to counsel and advise their clients. 

However, thanks to the internet, divorce information is available at our fingertips.  Therefore, we should all take advantage of this information and educate ourselves for our own benefit.

While undergoing a divorce, you might find these legal tips helpful:

  1. Keep an open line of communication with your spouse.  Clear communication can hinder matters such as custody, property division, and spousal support.  This only prolongs the divorce proceeding, making it even more unpleasant for both parties.
  2. Be sure to disclose all property and assets.  Not doing so can hurt your chances of a settlement and bring about further legal proceedings.
  3. Ask your attorney, spouse, and spouse’s representation as many questions as possible to avoid surprises.
  4. Do not complicate custody or visitation agreements for your kids.  Any complication may be viewed by the court as disrespectful towards the court’s orders.  This may, in turn, adversely affect your case.
  5. Do not get married during your divorce proceeding.  A third party will only complicate any current legal proceeding.
  6. Do not sell any major assets during your divorce.  Such actions only complicate proceedings and make it more likely that your action will be seen per some ulterior motive. 

Do I need a Divorce Lawyer?

Lawyers are not required in a divorce, but they can make the entire process move more smoothly.  If you need legal help, find a local divorce lawyer who practices regularly in your county.