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What is a "Legal Studies" Program?

"Legal studies" refers to an undergraduate program offered by most universities. A bachelor of arts or bachelor of science in legal studies prepares students for opportunities as legal secretaries, a paralegals, law enforcement officers, or a government employees.

An increasing number of people turn to the internet to begin their legal studies. Legal studies courses educate students about American law, the functioning of its legal system, and how law is practiced.

What Are Some Legal Issues Addressed By Legal Studies Professionals?

Legal professionals, whether they earned their degree online or in a classroom, are subject to stringent ethics rules. While, practicing attorneys are the ones actually held wholly accountable to these rules, their employees, including paralegals, legal secretaries, and even receptionists, are essential in ensuring that attorneys obey these rules.

What Happens if My Managing Attorney Breaches a Duty to a Client?

While a paralegal or legal secretary will not be held legally accountable if a mistake on their part leads to their managing attorney being disciplined (or even disbarred), it will almost certainly cost them their job, and make it very difficult for them to find future employment in their chosen field.

A good legal studies program will provideits students the knowledge and skills that are necessary to ensure that the chances of making such a disastrous mistake are extremely small.

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