When you lose a job, it is extremely important to figure out the next steps for your future. This can mean looking for a new job or an entirely new career. At the same time, you still have bills you have to pay. Unemployment insurance benefits are needed at exactly this time. If you have been working in Kansas, you can get unemployment benefits through the Kansas Department of Labor.

How to Qualify for Unemployment

In order to obtain unemployment benefits, you have to be out of work, but you cannot be out of work because of something that you did or did not do. You also have to register to find a new job, as well as be able and available to work.

In order to be entitled to these benefits, you must have worked for an employer that pays unemployment insurance. You have to have earned income in two or more quarters during your base period, which consists of four financial quarters. Your total base period has to be thirty times your weekly earnings. There are some jobs that are excluded from unemployment under the Employment Security Act. Some of these workers include real estate agents working only on commission, church employees, those working for certain family members, or independent contractors.

How to Apply for Unemployment

You can file a claim for unemployment lawyers online or by phone. When you file, you will need your social security number, full mailing address, phone number, and the county you live in. You must provide your last employer’s name, address, the day you started and stopped working there, and the reason why you left that job. Additionally, you will need to list your driver’s license number, state ID number, or, if you are not a citizen, your employment authorization number and expiration date. If your last job was with the military, you must be able to provide your DD-214, Member #4 form. In the same manner, if your last job was with the federal government, you will need to provide your Standard Form SF-50 or a pay stub. Furthermore, if you are in a position to receive any vacation or severance pay from your former employer, you will need to disclose that.

If you have already been receiving unemployment benefits and let it lapse before exhausting your benefits, then you need to reopen your claim if you wish to continue to receive benefits. If you have worked in the interim, then you will be required to list any places you worked since your initial application.

How Long Does Unemployment Last?

Kansas changes the amount of weeks you can receive unemployment insurance benefits depending on average unemployment rate in the state at the time. Since the unemployment rate is currently less than 4.5%, one is only entitled to 16 weeks of unemployment benefits. In the future, if unemployment is at 4.5% but less than 6%, you may receive up to 20 weeks. If unemployment is at 6% or higher, then you can get benefits up to 26 weeks. Additionally, for one week after you have applied for unemployment insurance benefits, you will not be entitled to any benefits. Only after you have satisfied this unpaid week requirement will you receive benefits.

To remain eligible for benefits, you have to file a weekly claim either online or on the phone. In that claim you will be asked if you received any pay, refused any work, did you go to school or training that week, and did you look for work either online or through the Kansas Unemployment Contact Center.

In some cases, you may be able to receive benefits without having to search for a job if you are enrolled in a training program. If you are in an approved program, then you have to send in a Progress in Approved Training Report form every 4 weeks to show that you are making satisfactory progress in your training program.

What Can I Do If I Run Out of Unemployment?

You may be able to receive additional financial assistance in the form of a Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) under the Trade Adjustment Assistance program (TAA), which is a federal program. The people who are entitled to a TRA are workers who are enrolled in an approved training program as a result of their former employment being negatively impacted by foreign imports.

What Must I Know about Appealing an Application Denial in Kansas?

If you are denied benefits and disagree with the denial, you can file an appeal within 16 days with the Kansas Department of Labor. You have the right to have a lawyer with you at an appeal. If you do not win that appeal, you can try again with the Employment Security Board of Review. Then, you can go to the court if you do not agree with the boards review either.

Where Can I Find the Right Lawyer?

A Kansas workers compensation lawyer can help you in applying for unemployment benefits. If you are denied and need to appeal, it would be good to find a local lawyer who can help you with the appeals process.