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What Is Joint Custody?

Joint custody is a situation where separated or divorced parents share parental duties and time with their child. There are two types of shared custody: legal and physical.  

How Does Joint Custody Work?

Either the parents or (if they can't agree) the Court will decide how to divide the time a child spends with each parent, and who is permitted to make decisions in the child's life. Courts favor joint legal custody awards because they want both parents' involvement.  However, physical custody is sometimes not possible due to a number of factors, including:   

Is Joint Custody Burdensome?

Both joint physical and legal custody can be burdensome to all parties involved. Parents have to both bear the costs of maintaining a home for their child and may have to cooperate closely with their former spouse.  

When a child is in these types of situations, it can be damaging because they may have two sets of friends, two homes, and may have to be peacemaker between two fighting parents. 

Why Should I Use Joint Custody If It's So Burdensome?

Most states favor joint physical and legal custody because both parents often want to live with their child.  Joint custody is a good way for both parents to influence and provide guidance to their children.  

Although states favor using when both parents have custody, situations like child abuse, drug use, or inappropriate behavior may be used to eliminate the other parent's right to share custody with the other parent since it would not be in the child's best interest

Do I Need an Attorney to Help Me With My Case?

Separating from your spouse is a very stressful situation that can be turned even worse by fighting over child custody. Consult a local child custody lawyer to understand your rights and help you secure as much time with your child as possible. 

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