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What is Autism?

Autism is a behavioral disorder that affects a child's ability to communicate with others. Furthermore, it prevents a child from interacting with his classmates, establishing friendships, and experiencing other parts of social development that are important to a child's early education. It is essential that this disorder be discovered at a young age while the child is still in school because the social aspects of education can play an important role in proper development.

What Are the Common Factors in Autism?

Parents that believe their child has some form of autism should look for certain symptoms, including:

What Educational Opportunities Are Available?

Parents with autistic children have a variety of educational opportunities. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) recognizes autism as a disability. Therefore, children with autism have access to proper accommodations. The extent of special needs is usually determined by psychologists in a school district in conjunction with parents.

What Steps Can I Undertake to Obtain Adequate Services?

Parents who believe their child is not receiving adequate special educational services should take the following steps:

Should I Contact an Attorney?

An experienced attorney can help to assist parents that believe their child is not receiving adequate educational opportunities. In addition, an experienced attorney can help parents to determine whether legal action is necessary to compel school officials to provide the necessary services under federal law.

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