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What Does a Divorce Lawyer Do?

A divorce lawyer is a legal practitioner who has specialized knowledge in matters regarding legal separation, divorce, dissolution of the marriage and annulment. In recent years, divorce lawyers also work to facilitate the dissolution of domestic partnerships, civil marriages and, in some states, marriage for same-sex couples. Other legal issues that divorce lawyers can assist with are:

Although divorce lawyers focus on various issues pertaining to marriage and family, many also practice other areas of civil law.

What Can a Divorce Lawyer Do for Me?

Although a divorce may seem simple in the beginning because the parties appear to be in agreement, the process often becomes much more complicated as it progresses. When the reality of issues involving the division of property and child custody begin to sink in, tensions between the parties inevitably rise.

Hiring a divorce lawyer can ease these tensions because the attorney is not emotionally involved and they have the ability to objectively evaluate the dispute and obtain the best possible result for their client.

Additionally, states vary in their laws pertaining to divorce. For example, there community property states and separate property states, which radically differ in how of marital property is divided upon divorce. This is a very complicated area of law that takes years to master. Facilitating a divorce yourself could have devastating consequences on your future both emotionally and economically.

How to Contact a Local Divorce Lawyer

To connect with a family law attorney in your area, you can browse the referral resources offered by local bar associations or lawyer referral services.

You can also post your case to divorce lawyers in your area through online matching services such as LegalMatch. Unlike traditional referral services, LegalMatch offers a free service that lets you immediately present your case for free without any obligation.

A divorce can be very stressful on the parties involved as well as on their loved ones. If there are children, the children also will also go through some emotional distress when the parents are divorced. It is important for people who are going through a divorce or legal separation to retain an experienced lawyer to protect their rights and ensure that there is an amicable settlement.

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