Dilaudid is a brand name for a prescription drug based on the main ingredient of hydromorphone. This type of drug is derived from morphine and acts as a powerful pain killer and sedative. Legally, hydromorphone drugs are classified as narcotics, and should only be issued according to a doctor’s prescription. They are typically issued to patients recovering from surgery or persons with chronic pain.

Like many other types of pain killing medicines, Dilaudids can be very habit forming and physically addicting. Withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be worse than the actual pain caused by surgeries that they were prescribed for.

What Are Some Dangers Associated with Dilaudids?

As mentioned a main danger associated with Dilaudid pills is that they can be addictive and habit-forming. This has caused many people to resort to prescription drug crimes in order to support their habits. Thefts and other crimes associated with Dilaudids can cause problems for physicians and pharmacists.

Another danger associated with Dilaudids is that they can sometimes have a physical appearance that is similar to heroin. Small amounts of Dilaudids have led to fatal overdoses in heroin addicts who mistakenly believed the drug was heroin.

Are There Any Legal Penalties for Dilaudid-Related Violations?

Dilaudids are controlled substances and require a prescription. Criminal penalties can result for illegal possession of the drug. Also, many criminal cases involve illegal distribution of Dilaudids and other hydromorphone-based substances. Depending on the crime involved, penalties for prescription drug crimes can range from 1-5 years for misdemeanors, up to 10-20 years for felony charges. Criminal fines and fees can also be very costly for the defendant.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Dilaudid Legal Issues?

Crimes involving Dilaudids can be very serious. You should never attempt to possess Dilaudids without a prescription, and you should never share your prescription medicines with other persons. Doing so can result in criminal penalties. You may wish to hire a criminal lawyer if you need help with any types of prescription drug charges. An attorney can provide you with legal advice for your questions, and can represent you in court if needed.