Endorsement and Transfer of Checks

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How Can I Transfer a Check?

There are three methods of transferring a check: 

What Is an Endorsement and What Makes an Endorsement of a Check Proper?

An endorsement is described as the writing on the back of a negotiable or other instrument. It may consist of a mere signature, with nothing more written. There are various kinds of endorsements: 

When an instrument is payable to someone in particular and an endorsement is necessary to transfer title, the endorsement must be in writing, and the proper place for it is on the back of the instrument. However, it is not absolutely essential that the endorsement be placed on the back. Instead, the endorsement may be written on the face. Unless an instrument clearly indicates that a signature is made in some other capacity, it is an endorsement.

Do I Need a Lawyer Regarding any Problems with the Endorsing of Checks?

Although anyone may properly endorse or have a check endorsed over to them, problems may arise when checks are improperly endorsed or fraudulently endorsed to someone they were supposed to be. A good business attorney may be able assist you in determining whether a check was properly endorsed by or to someone, and help you recover your money if you are at a loss because of an improper or fraudulent endorsement.

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