Correcting Bank Account Errors

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Correcting Bank Account Errors

How Do I Correct a Mistake or Unauthorized Withdrawal on My Bank Account? 

The Electronic Fund Transfer Act establishes protections and procedures for consumers who have experienced mistakes or unauthorized withdrawals on their bank account.

If You Feel your Bank Account Has a Mistake on It, You Must Follow These Procedures to Be Legally Protected under the Act  

If Your ATM/Debit Card Has Been Stolen or Has Been Used for Identity Fraud, You Must Take the Following Steps to Stop and Limit Your Resulting Financial Loss 

What Should I Do if I Feel My Financial Institution Has Violated My Consumer Rights Under the EFTA?

In addition to reporting the financial institution to the proper authorities (usually the FDIC), you may want to consult a consumer rights attorney. You may be entitled to money damages in a lawsuit against your financial institution, and your attorney would be able to advise you of your rights and of the best way to proceed.

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