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 What is an Employment Lawyer?

An employment lawyer is an attorney who specializes in resolving disputes over labor and employment-related matters. For example, an employment lawyer may help a worker bring a lawsuit against their employer for engaging in discriminatory employment practices. An employment lawyer may also be consulted to provide legal advice that affects various aspects of the workplace or the overall employment process.

In addition, both workers and employers may hire an employment lawyer to draft, modify, and review new or existing employment documents. These may include company policies, employment agreements, and other employment materials like benefit policies or an employee handbook. 

To learn more about the types of legal services that employment lawyers provide to their clients, you should contact a local employment law attorney who practices in your area. An employment lawyer will be able to offer guidance on different issues in the workplace as well as can inform you of your legal rights as either a worker or an employer. 

A lawyer can also provide legal representation and advice that is tailored to your particular employment or labor law claim. For workers and employers who are based in San Luis Obispo, you should consider searching for San Luis Obispo employment lawyers to handle your dispute and other legal matters.

What Services Do Employment Lawyers in San Luis Obispo Provide? 

As discussed above, employment lawyers can provide numerous types of legal services that will often cater to the needs of their clients. Aside from providing legal representation in civil court, employment lawyers San Luis Obispo may also offer some of the following legal services to their clients:

  • Filing a complaint against an employer with a local or federal administrative agency like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC);
  • Informing workers and employers about federal, state, or local labor and employment laws that they should or need to be aware of;
  • Helping a worker to gather evidence to support a complaint, a lawsuit, or an appeal;
  • Representing a worker on an employment law matter in front of an administrative panel;
  • Collecting employee benefits that a worker may be eligible for or owed;
  • Assisting an employer with amending company policies and rules in the workplace;
  • Representing a corporation in a class action employment lawsuit; and/or 
  • Drafting employment documents, such as:
    • Employment contracts and agreements;
    • Employee handbooks and other materials;
    • Employer policies; and/or
    • Various other work-related contracts.

Again, the types of services that a worker needs will depend on the legal issues in their case. It is possible that not all San Luis Obispo employment lawyers will be able to meet their demands. Therefore, it is important that workers and employers in San Luis Obispo find the right employment law attorney to handle their matter.

What Are Some Common Employment Law Disputes in San Luis Obispo? 

Some common employment law disputes that San Luis Obispo employment law attorneys tend to handle include the following:

  • Disputes concerning wage and hour violations, such as denial of overtime payments or when a worker is being paid less than minimum wage to do a job;
  • Disputes involving wrongful termination like if an employee was terminated in retaliation to whistleblowing;
  • Disputes regarding sexual harassment in the workplace by either colleagues or supervisors;
  • Disputes involving a claim for hostile work environments;
  • Disputes over discriminatory hiring practices, such as if a job candidate did not get hired for a position because of their religion; and
  • Disputes between an employer and a worker concerning a breach of an employment contract claim. 

Where Can I Find a San Luis Obispo Employment Lawyer?

A worker who wishes to hire a San Luis Obispo employment lawyer should consult their personal and/or professional networks for local employment lawyers San Luis Obispo recommendations. 

If no one in a worker’s personal or professional network can recommend a San Luis Obispo employment lawyer, a worker should proceed to the next step, which involves searching for labor law attorneys online and reading reviews on different websites.

For a quicker and more efficient way of finding a San Luis Obispo employment lawyer, a worker can also sign-up to use LegalMatch’s software. LegalMatch will not only allow a worker to easily connect with employment lawyers in their area, but will also permit the worker to skim other LegalMatch users’ reviews of employment attorneys as well as any important background information LegalMatch has on each of its San Luis Obispo employment lawyers.

Additionally, a worker can also check out the website for the California State Bar Association or even the lawyer referral section on the website for the San Luis Obispo County Bar Association. Some other resources that a worker can use to find a San Luis Obispo employment lawyer include:

  • The LRIS, which is a not-for-profit organization promoted by the San Luis Obispo Bar Association;
  • The website for the San Luis Obispo County Law Library;
  • The San Luis Obispo Legal Assistance Foundation; and/or
  • The California Rural Legal Assistance organization.

How Much Do San Luis Obispo Employment Lawyers Cost?

The exact cost of a San Luis Obispo employment lawyer can vary based on the lawyer or law firm that is hired to take on a client’s case. The following is a list of examples of the types of factors that will affect an employment lawyer or law firm’s overall cost in San Luis Obispo, including:

  • Fee arrangements: The fee arrangement that a lawyer uses to charge their clients will have an impact on the total cost of attorneys’ fees. For instance, a lawyer may either bill at an hourly rate, impose a flat fee rate, or take a case on contingency basis. Depending on the lawyer or law firm, some may even charge a retainer fee. It should also be noted that in certain employment law cases a prevailing plaintiff may be able to recover attorneys’ fees as part of their legal remedies. 
  • Experience and/or reputation: A law firm or lawyer’s reputation and experience can make a huge difference on how much a lawyer costs. In most instances, the better the reputation of the law firm or lawyer who is hired to take on a client’s case, the more expensive they will usually be. The same holds true when a lawyer has more years of experience in a particular legal field like employment or labor law. 
  • The case itself: The legal issues within a case can also have an effect on the cost of attorneys’ fees. The more complex the issues in a lawsuit, the higher a lawyer’s fees might be. In situations where a lawyer is not working on a lawsuit, but rather on drafting documents or company policies, a client will need to factor in a few other details when calculating costs, such as:

    • The number of documents needed;
    • The length of the documents;
    • What the documents are being used for;
    • How large the company is that hired the lawyer (e.g., a corporation versus a small business); and
    • The basic rates that a lawyer charges for specific kinds of legal documents like employee contracts. 

Do I Need to Hire a San Luis Obispo Employment Law Attorney to Handle My Case?

Lawsuits involving employment and labor issues can be fairly complex. This is especially true in cases where there are multiple claims, several parties, and both federal and state employment laws apply. Employment law cases can also become complicated when they turn into a class action lawsuit.

Therefore, if your employment law matter involves any of the conditions just listed, then it is highly encouraged that you hire a San Luis Obispo employment law attorney. A San Luis Obispo employment law attorney who has experience in handling such cases can discuss the options that are available to help you resolve your employment law issue. Your attorney will be able to help guide you through the process for whichever option you choose. 

Your attorney can also inform you of your legal rights and any defenses you may have under the labor statutes imposed in your county or state. In addition, your attorney can assist you in drafting employment-related documents, filing a lawsuit against your employer, and/or representing you in a lawsuit in a civil court. 


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