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 What is a Los Angeles Employment Attorney?

In general, the most common reason that a Los Angeles employment lawyer is hired is to provide legal representation on behalf of a party involved in an employment law dispute. For example, a worker may hire a Los Angeles employment attorney when they need help bringing a lawsuit against their employer for employment discrimination.

On the other hand, an employer may hire a Los Angeles employment attorney to defend them against a worker’s employment discrimination claim. In some cases, a Los Angeles employment attorney may represent an individual supervisor or boss, whereas in other cases the employment attorney will be hired to provide representation on behalf of an entire company or labor organization.

While providing legal representation during employment-related lawsuits and/or alternative dispute resolution meetings makes up a large portion of a hired employment lawyer’s responsibilities, the duties of a Los Angeles employment lawyer will often vary in accordance with a specific client’s needs. For instance, a company may hire an L.A. employment lawyer to ensure they are in compliance with local and state labor laws.

Thus, if you are involved in a dispute over an issue in the workplace, then it may be in your best interest to hire an employment law attorney Los Angeles for further assistance with your case. An attorney will not only be able to provide you with important legal advice, but can also represent you in court and may even find a way for you to avoid having to appear in court at all.

Regardless, hiring the best employment law attorney Los Angeles can help you to resolve a work dispute in a much more efficient way, as opposed to handling it on your own.

What Legal Issues Do L.A. Employment Law Attorneys Usually Handle?

Some examples of the types of legal issues that L.A. employment law attorneys usually handle include the following:

  • Issues involving employment discrimination or harassment in the workplace;
  • Disputes concerning wages and overtime payments; and
  • Various other matters regarding violations of federal, state, or local employment laws, such as:
    • The California State Labor Code;
    • The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA);
    • The California Family Rights Act (CFRA);
    • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); and/or
    • The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

What Services Do L.A. Employment Lawyers Provide?

There are a number of different legal services that an L.A. employment lawyer can provide to a client depending on their needs. The most important of these services being representing a client who is involved in a workplace dispute in court. An L.A. employment lawyer is also equipped to provide legal representation during negotiations with an employer or in front of an administrative judicial panel.

Another service that all L.A. employment lawyers offer their clients is giving them legal advice that is tailored to their specific employment law issue. This may involve legal advice, such as how to proceed with a case, comply with local court rules, or how to fill out legal documents. An L.A. employment lawyer can also supply important information regarding recent changes to federal or state employment laws that will affect the outcome of a client’s lawsuit.

Some additional examples of the types of legal services that an employment law attorney Los Angeles can give to their clients include:

  • Protecting the rights of California workers against illegal employment practices, such as harassment in the workplace and discrimination in the employment process;
  • Drafting legal documents like employment contracts, company policies, the rules in employee handbooks, worker benefit policies, and other employee agreements;
  • Ensuring that employers comply with both federal and California state employment laws and regulations;
  • Initiating a class action employment lawsuit on behalf of multiple employee-plaintiffs;
  • Assisting potential new hires with salary negotiations; and/or
  • Defending employers against worker lawsuits for employment discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

How Much Do L.A. Employment Attorneys Cost?

The quickest way for a prospective client to find out the cost of a Los Angeles employment attorney is by discussing the topic with the lawyer who is taking on their case. Generally speaking, however, the majority of employment attorneys in Los Angeles tend to bill their clients on an hourly basis. Hourly fees may seem inexpensive at first, but can easily amount to thousands of dollars as the number of hours that an attorney spends on a case increases.

On the other hand, L.A. employment attorneys with less experience or who work for small law firms will typically charge roughly $400 per hour. The base rate pay for an employment attorney who bills by the hour will begin to rise as the size of the law firm hired increases or if the reputation and experience of a particular L.A. employment attorney is considered to be supreme.

In some cases, an L.A. employment attorney may be willing to negotiate their hourly rate or inclined to apply a specific legal fee structure to a certain case. For instance, an employment attorney may decide to bill a client at a flat rate fee if the case will gain a lot of media attention.

In addition, an L.A. employment attorney may agree to work on a contingency fee basis if the outcome of a case will garner large results. This can happen in cases where an employment claim is filed as a class action lawsuit. An L.A. employment attorney may also take a private case on a contingency fee basis if it involves a claim for wrongful termination.

Where Can I Find a Los Angeles Employment Lawyer?

There are many different resources available to persons who are searching for an employment lawyer in Los Angeles. However, before an individual begins combing through numerous online search results, the best place to start the search is actually by asking their own personal network of family, friends, and business connections.

If a person does not know anyone who has previously hired a Los Angeles employment lawyer or if someone is uncomfortable asking for such a recommendation from close family and friends, then they can move on to performing a quick online search. This will likely entail using a search engine and inputting keywords, such as “Los Angeles employment lawyer near me.” Persons conducting a similar online search should also consider using their zip code.

Another resource that people can use to find a Los Angeles employment lawyer is by visiting the website for the California state or their local California county bar association. Oftentimes, state and local bar association websites will provide contact information for registered lawyers in a particular area as well as possible attorney referral service programs. Depending on the attorney referral service program used, they may either be free of cost or charge a fee.

One last option to consider when looking for the right Los Angeles employment lawyer to take on a case is by using the matching service provided by LegalMatch. LegalMatch has software that grants registered users access to an extensive database of attorneys who are in good standing across the country. Users can gain access to this database by registering for free on LegalMatch’s website and submitting a quick summary of their case.

A user will then be emailed by several attorneys. Once a user receives a response from the attorneys who are willing to work on their case, the user can search their criteria, background or legal expertise, and other information about attorneys who are listed on LegalMatch’s database.

By using LegalMatch’s proprietary software, a person will be able to find the right Los Angeles labor lawyer a lot faster and certainly more efficiently than they could by reviewing online search engine results.

Should I Hire a Los Angeles Employment Lawyer for My Case?

Lawsuits involving workplace issues can be difficult to resolve without the help of a lawyer. Not only are there many different laws that may apply and thus must be considered, but they can also result in a worker permanently losing their job and employee benefits. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you hire a Los Angeles employment lawyer to assist you with any matters associated with your place of work or that involve a dispute with your employer.

As previously mentioned, a Los Angeles employment lawyer can provide advice regarding your rights as a worker and can help you to protect those rights by filing a lawsuit and representing you in court. Your lawyer can also assist you in drafting legal documents or in filling out necessary paperwork for the court. Additionally, if you and your employer decide to settle the matter outside of court, your lawyer can negotiate with them on your behalf as well.


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