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What Are Drug Charges?

Drug charges derive from an individual who has been caught manufacturing, growing, trafficking, distributing, or possessing illegal drugs or controlled substance. The legal penalties associated with drug charges can range from very simple traffic citations, to very serious punishments attached to felony charges. The federal Controlled Substance Act has classified drugs into five schedules based on the potential for abuse and whether the drug has been accepted for medical use. Each schedule is governed by different rules regarding drug production, sale, possession, and use. The punishment for each schedule varies as well.

Drug crimes that are classified as traffic citations (for example, possession of a small amount of marijuana in some states) usually result only in a fine. Misdemeanor drug charges may result in criminal fees and jail sentences of no greater than one year.  Felony drug charges will result in very severe consequences, such as expensive criminal fines and time in prison for more than one year.

The seriousness of a drug charge can depend on many different factors. These include:

What Are the Most Common Types of Drug Charges?

Drug charges can involve several different types of actions, not simply the possession of the substance. Examples of drug charges include:

What Are Some Defenses to Drug Charges?

If you are charged with possession of drugs for personal use or with the intent to sell, there are many defenses that can be applied to your case. There are also many different types of defenses to drug crimes. Some common defenses include:

Defenses to drug charges can often help the defendant obtain a reduced sentence.  In some cases, a strong defense can result in the charges being completely dropped, depending on the circumstances.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance With Drug Charges?

Drug charges can sometimes be the most serious types of criminal cases under state and federal laws. If have any questions, or need legal assistance with drug charges, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Your attorney can provide you with advice on how to proceed, and can represent you in court if you need to attend a court hearing.

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