Developing a Social Media Policy for Your Business

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Why Should My Company Develop a Social Media Policy?

Most people are now connected to at least one social media account, whether for personal or professional use. The laws applicable to social media, however, are just forming. Many large companies have created policies of their own, to encourage and also monitor social media posts that might impact the company. Creating a social media policy for your employees can encourage positive uses of social media, while creating boundaries that all parties are aware of.

How Should I Begin to Develop a Policy?

When you begin to develop a social media policy, it will be helpful to get the input of several different people. A human resources professional can give guidance regarding potential employment issues, your CEO can provide input as to how the company would like to utilize social media, and individuals with knowledge of the social media networks can ensure the policy is relevant. A lawyer can also add perspective to ensure that employment laws are not violated.

Social media can be a powerful tool for companies. Taking an encouraging and friendly approach to social media use can be helpful to both your company and your employees.

What Are Some Common Issues for Social Media Policies?

There are several potential issues to think about when creating social media policies:

What Should My Social Media Policy Contain?

When creating your social media policy, you should first consider the relationship and presence your company would like to have in various forms of social media. This will help guide you and create a policy that works with your company’s goals. Additionally, consider the following points:

Should I Consult an Attorney When Creating a Social Media Policy?

Many examples of social media policies exist online. While it may not be necessary to consult an attorney when creating your policy, it would be a good idea to have an attorney experienced in business law review the policy. A business attorney can help ensure you have followed the fast evolving law surrounding social media and can provide suggestions that you may have overlooked.

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