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What Is a Shipment Contract?

A shipment contract is part of a sale of goods transaction that is governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). When a shipment contract is used between a buyer and seller, then the buyer bears the risk for any loss or damage that occurs during the shipment of the goods. The seller of the goods is only liable up until the moment that the goods are delivered to a common carrier.

A shipment contract is distinct from a destination contract. In a destination contract, the seller of goods is liable for any loss or damages up until the moment when the goods actually arrive at the buyer’s destination.

How to Spot a Shipment Contract?

The following clauses may help spot shipment contracts:

Seeking Legal Help

If you are a party to a shipment contract, you may need specialized advice concerning your delivery obligations and the risk of loss. A qualified UCC lawyer can help you negotiate, draft, and review your shipment contracts. If a contract has been breached, an attorney can help you obtain the appropriate legal remedies.

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