Defenses to Breach of Employment Contract

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What Should I Do If My Employer Has Accused Me of Breaching My Contract?

If you have been accused of breaching any type of contract, then you have been accused of not following the terms of that contract. This means that if you have been accused of breaching your employment contract, then you have been accused of not adhering to the varies terms of your employment contract, such as not  following various company policies that you agreed to follow by agreeing to the contract.

Generally, you are required by law to follow the terms of your employment contract. However, if the terms of a contract are vague or violate the law, or if the negotiation process that resulted in the contract was unfair, then the contract may be void.

How Can I Show That My Employment Contract Is Void? 

You might be able to prove that the employment contract is void if one of the following things played a role in your negotiations with your employer:

What Else Is Available to Me If I Am Accused of Breaching My Employment Contract?

If you are accused of breaching your employment contract, you might also allege the following to reduce or completely negate your liability: 

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Employment Breach of Contract Issue?

Employment contract law is a complex and often confusing area of the law.   If you are accused of  breaching your employment contract, you should contact an attorney with employment litigation experience who can defend any action brought against you.

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