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What is “Child-Up” Parenting Plan?

A “Child-Up” Parenting Plan aims at providing children with an opportunity to develop an involved relationship with parents who may be subject to divorce or separation.  Child-up parenting plans aren’t a single, set plan, but more of an approach that focuses on the emotional and psychological health of the child/children. 

In general, a parenting plan may be developed by the parents for the purpose of dividing up their parental responsibilities and rights in a clearly delineated way.  The parenting plan may be created independently from the court and then submitted to a judge for approval.  In many cases, child-up parenting plans are created through the intervention of a trained social worker or an experienced family law attorney. 

Any parenting plan needs to be based on the “child’s best interest standard”.  This means that any decisions should be made in order to primarily benefit the child before the parents.  Child-up parenting plans often go a step beyond this by considering the child’s interests in a dynamic way over time.

What are Some Features and Benefits of Child-Up Parenting Plans?

Some of the distinct features and benefits of child-up parenting plans may include:

Thus, each child-up plan should be specifically tailored to the needs, capabilities, and desires of the child and each parent.  Careful considerations need to be made in order to sure that the interests of each party are balanced and reasonably accommodated for the child’s benefit.

Are Child-Up Parenting Plans for Everyone?

First of all, child-up parenting plans are a newer development in the area of family law.  This means that they may not be available as an option in all jurisdictions.  You may wish to inquire with a judge or lawyer to see about the availability of such plans in your area.

Secondly, child-up parenting plans work best only if the two parents are willing and able to cooperate with one another.  Such plans won’t work if the parents are hostile towards one another, or if there is a history/danger of abuse in the relationship.  Child-up parenting plans require constant communication and much compromise between the parties, so they are best fit for parties who can work together.

Lastly, as mentioned all child custody and visitation determinations are decided according to the best interests of the child, not the desires of the parents.  Thus, if a judge decides that child-up parenting isn’t appropriate for the child, they will likely have to issue a different type of parenting plan for the child.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance With a Child-Up Parenting Plan?

Child-Up parenting plans are new in the field of family law, but have the potential to create alternative options in a divorce or separation setting.  If you’re interested in learning more about parenting plans, you should contact a qualified family law attorney right away.  Your lawyer can help determine your options under the law, and can help draft a parenting plan that best fits your situation.  Family law rules can vary by state, so be sure to inquire with your lawyer if you have any concerns about your legal case. 

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