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What is a Contract Job?

A contract job is a type of temporary employment opportunity that is usually created in order to accomplish a specific business goal.  Contract jobs are generally filled by temporary workers or independent contractors, who are paid a set amount.  They may be paid in lump sum or in regular installment payments. 

Contract jobs may also be filled through interaction with a temporary agency.  The business may contact a “temp agency”, who will supply the business with candidates who will apply as temporary workers.  The workers may then form a contract specific to the project, rather than a general hiring employment contract

A main difference between regular employment and contract jobs is the duration of the employment- contract jobs are generally temporary and terminate once the stated business goal is completed, whereas regular employment may continue for an indefinite period of time.

What are Some Examples of Contract Jobs?

Some examples of contract jobs may include:

Generally speaking, the longer the duration of the project, the more the worker will be paid, although they might not be entitled to many of the employment benefits enjoyed by regular employees

What are Some Common Contract Job Disputes?

Some common contract job disputes may involve:

Remedies for contract job dispute claims may include a monetary damages award for losses caused by the dispute.  This may cover losses such as loss of profits or missing payment amounts, as well as various other additional expenses.  In some cases, the court may allow the parties to re-write the contract if there are any unclear terms in the documents.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With Contract Job Disputes?

Contract jobs are becoming increasingly common, especially during times of economic hardship.  Many people turn to temporary work if they can’t find a more permanent work solution.  If you need assistance reviewing a contract job agreement, or if you need help litigating a particular legal issue, you may wish to contact a lawyer in your area. 

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