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What Does it Mean to Assign Contract Rights?

“Assignment” is the transfer of rights to another party. For example, if a contract entitles you to receive $100 for painting a house, you can transfer the right to receive that money to another person.

When Is Assignment Permissible?

Parties are generally free to assign their rights under a contract, but certain exceptions may apply.

What Is Delegation of Duties of a Contract?

Delegating duties, on the other hand, is transferring obligations of a contract. The contract requires you to perform some duty, and you want someone else to perform instead. In the painting example above, instead of transferring your right to receive $100, you would transfer the obligation to paint the house to someone else.

When Is Delegation Permissible?

In general, the delegation of duties under a contract is allowed. However, like with assignment, there are exceptions:

Is Consent Required?

Consent to assignment or delegation is not required unless the contract so states. Again, you should look at the language of your contract to determine whether or not the other party’s consent is necessary before you can assign rights or delegate duties.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assignment and Delegation?

Contracts are a complicated area of law, and the applicable rules of assignment and delegation will vary from state to state. An attorney experienced in contract law or business contracts can help you determine whether or not an assignment/delegation is allowed, and under what circumstances.

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