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What Is a Contract Clause?

A contract clause is a specific provision or section within a written contract. Each clause in a contract addresses a specific aspect related to the overall subject matter of the agreement. Contract clauses are aimed at clearly defining the duties, rights and privileges that each party has under the contract terms. Clauses can be located in various places in the contract, but most of the time they appear towards the end of the document.

Contract clauses can take many forms and can cover nearly aspect of business and commercial interests. A common example is a non-disclosure clause in an employment contract, where the employer agrees not to disclose any confidential information belonging to the company.  Contract clauses are enforceable along with the rest of the contract under state and federal laws.

What Are Some Common Clauses in a Contract?

The use of various clauses all depends on the needs of the parties. Some clauses appear more frequently in contracts than other ones. There are “boilerplate” clauses that may appear as a standard part of some business contracts. Or, the parties may create specific clauses that are tailor-made for each contract with a client. 

Some common contract clauses include:

Getting a particular clause enforced depends largely on the laws in each region. Generally speaking, parties can form clauses are they need them, but they need to comply with existing contract laws and regulations.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With Contract Clauses?

Many of more common clauses in a contract are frequently used, but they require the assistance of a lawyer during the drafting and reviewing stages. If you have any legal needs regarding contract clauses, you should contact a qualified contracts lawyer in your area.  Your attorney can help you create and negotiate the clauses, and can represent you in court if you need assistance with a lawsuit. 

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