Berylliosis is a lung condition caused by exposure to beryllium. It is often categorized as an allergy-like response but may eventually develop into a chronic lung disease after repeated or prolonged exposure. It is often involved in many toxic tort cases.

Symptoms of berylliosis include cough, shortness of breath, weight loss, fever, chest pain, and joint aches. Upon exposure to beryllium or its compounds, the person’s lungs can become hypersensitive, which causes granulomas (small inflamed nodules in the lungs). This can lead to decreased lung capacity.

Berylliosis is often confused or misdiagnosed with other diseases like tuberculosis which also involve granulomas. Berylliosis is sometimes called chronic beryllium disease (CBD).

When Does Beryllium Exposure Occur?

Exposure to beryllium often occurs with workers who are handling materials that contain beryllium. These are typically manufacturing or production jobs where the person is directly handling or working with such materials. As a result, berylliosis is often classified as an occupational disease associated with such trades as:

  • Beryllium mining
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Manufacturing and production of fluorescent light bulbs, as these previously contained certain beryllium materials within their coatings
  • Various other industries which use beryllium in their materials

What If I Need to File a Legal Claim for Berylliosis?

Berylliosis can often result in a number of legal issues. For instance, a worker may need to file for disability or workers compensation if they have been injured on the job due to beryllium. In some cases, widespread cases of berylliosis can indicate negligence or a health and safety code violation on the part of the employer. This may result in a class action toxic exposure lawsuit.

Legal remedies for such claims may involve damages awards that are intended to cover costs from medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Unlike some other industrial diseases, berylliosis is caused by very specific conditions and factors. However, proving liability for berylliosis often requires the assistance of an attorney. You may wish to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer if you need to file a legal claim for berylliosis injuries. Your attorney can provide you with valuable legal advice and can guide you through the process of filing and litigating a legal claim.