The criminal act of arson is defined as maliciously and willfully set fire to property or burn any type of property. This includes forest land, commercial property, and boats. Arson involves the intent to set fire to the property or being reckless. Reckless is defined as taking an unjustifiable and substantial risk that knowingly causes arson.

Simple arson is defined as the maliciously and willful act of setting a fire that didn’t cause the burning of an inhabited property and also didn’t cause great bodily injury to someone.

What Does Great Bodily Injury Mean?

Great bodily injury involves devastating injuries that impair a victim’s health and comfort. Serious injury involves burns, paralysis, and neck injuries. California defines great bodily injury as an injury that is more than minor to moderate. It’s substantial or significant. However, it’s up to a judge or jury to determine whether a victim’s injuries were minor, moderate, or substantial.

What Is the Punishment for Simple Arson?

Simple arson conviction is a felony ranging from 16 months to three years in state prison for property arson. A simple arson conviction involving a structure or forest land from two to six years in state prison.

Do I Need An Attorney for An Arson Charge in California?

Yes. Talk to a criminal attorney in California to fight any arson charge you face.