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What Is a Business Takeover?

A business takeover is simply one business buying another business. Normally it will be a larger business buying up smaller businesses. There are a few different reasons why companies choose to buy up other companies:

Are There Different Types of Business Takeovers?

There are different types of takeovers, depending on the status of the acquiring business and the business being acquired, as well as the method used by the acquiring business to purchase the other:

If Another Company Wants to Buy Up My Small Business, Should I Consult a Business Attorney?

Whether or not you intend to sell your business, if you have been propositioned to sell a business you own to another company, you probably want to consult a business attorney who has experience with mergers and acquisitions. Your attorney can advise you of the laws and regulations that you must pay attention to if you choose to sell your business, or those laws that will protect your business if you should choose not to sell.

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