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What Is a Start-Up Business?

A start-up is an undertaking that has recently begun operation. Starting your own business can be an exciting financial endeavor with many potential legal pitfalls. An effective business plan will help to protect a business from many of these legal problems.  When starting your own business, the business plan should consider the following: 


The business plan should address the adequacy of capitalization, the amount of cash and assets invested to start and operate the business. To minimize the legal risks created by improperly funding the company or misrepresenting facts to investors:

Labor and Employment Issues

The business plan should describe the duties and responsibilities necessary to achieve business success, and should carefully assess staff hiring. To minimize the legal risks of claims by investors, owners, and employees, a company should consider: 

Intellectual Property Risks

The business plan should address the intellectual property (IP) risks impacting the business. Some steps to minimize those risks and maximize IP value include: 

Business Entity

The owner should carefully assess the choice of entity he will use when forming the business. Options include a sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporations, among others. The entity selected will depend upon business goals, the number of owners, and the owners' role within the company.

The following is a brief description of some of the organization options a new business has:


A company can protect the confidentiality of sensitive information primarily by:

Do I Need a Lawyer?

The start-up industry poses many potential legal complications. Consulting with legal counsel prior to negotiating any formal contracts or IP privileges is always a wise thing to do. Speaking with an experienced business lawyer will inform you of your rights and protect your interests.

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