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What Is Breaking and Entering?

Breaking and entering is defined as the act of entering property without authorization by implementing some kind of force like pushing open a door. If there is intent to commit a crime inside, such as breaking into a car to steal the car, it is considered burglary.

What Are Normal Sentences for Breaking and Entering?

Misdemeanor charges are the most common consequence for breaking and entering since it is a derivative to illegal trespassing. Juveniles that are charged with breaking and entering can be subject to serious consequences like institutionalization under juvenile offender laws. Breaking and entering can be punishable by imprisonment, probation, fines, or community service depending on your criminal history and the time the crime was committed. Breaking and entering at night is often punished more severely.

Should I Consult A Lawyer If I Am Accused of Breaking and Entering?

It is normally a good idea to contact a criminal defense lawyer if you have pending charges like breaking and entering because it could have drastic affects on employment and financial opportunities in the future.

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