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What Is the Purpose of this Act?

This Act allows the federal government a chance to review a merger or acquisition between companies for their competitive impacts. When a company decides to merge or acquire one or more other companies, all the companies involved in the act have to submit filings with the federal government. After the filings have been submitted there is a 30-day waiting period in which the government decides whether to allow this merger based on any detrimental anticompetitive consequences of the act.

Does this Act Apply to All Mergers and Acquisitions?

No, the federal government does not investigate every single merger and acquisition between companies, but rather this Act applies to merging or acquiring companies who meet the following criteria:

Should I Consult an Attorney if I Have Questions about this Act?

You can consult an antitrust attorney who has had experience with mergers and acquisitions. Your attorney will be able to give you advice and options concerning mergers and acquisitions, as well as help you out with all the legal formalities you will have to go through to properly conduct the process.

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