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Huntington is divided by Cabell and Wayne Counties and was the home of Cater G. Woodson who founded Black History Month. Huntington is also home to many seasonal festivals like the Dogwood Arts & Crafts Festival, Old Central City Days, and the ever popular West Virginia Hot Dog Festival.

Huntington is also a great place to find a lawyer who takes cases like wills and trusts, chapter 13 bankruptcy, contracts, work visa, and divorce. Lawyers in Huntington are able to take any type of case and are well acquainted with local court procedures.

A Huntington High School student has been suspended for writing “Free A-Train” on his hands in support of Anthony “A-Train” Jennings who shot a Huntington police officer after committing armed robbery. The boy’s father fought the suspension citing the Constitutional right to free speech; however, a local judge sided with school administrators saying his actions were troublesome and the suspension was upheld.

If you are planning on filing a lawsuit in Huntington, be sure you file with the correct jurisdictional court. While most of Huntington will file with the 6th Judicial Circuit Court of Cabell County, those in the neighborhood of Westmoreland will file with the 24th Judicial Circuit Court of Wayne County. West Virginia Circuit Courts handle most cases including exclusive jurisdiction over criminal and civil appeals, felony, probate, and mental health cases. For divorces and custody matters, you will have to visit the Family Court.

For more filing information, consult an experienced LegalMatch lawyer who is guaranteed to be bar certified. LegalMatch offers legal research tools like an online law library and forums on almost every legal topic. Also, check out the tips section before selecting a lawyer.

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